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All magazines have been produced as university assignments or personal projects. Honing a strong passion for design, layout, and journalism, the task of creating a magazine, single-handedly, was an enjoyable experience, hence my returning to create four more following the first.

What IF?

introimg what if?A conceptual magazine that explores the potential outcomes of hypothetical scenarios. Here, we ask the question: what if?

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Random Issue 4

introimg random magazine 4The final issue of Random focused heavily on interesting and educational articles.

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Random Issue 3

introimg random magazine 3Issue 3 delved into deeper, more controversial subjects, often questioning common political values. Some of the articles are somewhat controversial, and this issue really seemed to push the boundaries of freedom of speech.

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Random Issue 2

introimg random magazine 2Issue 2 brought more consistency with the content and design, and the whole structure of the magazine was given its own identity.

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Random Issue 1

introimg random magazineRandom magazine originated as a college project and its purpose was to be just that: random.

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