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Check out my portfolio by visiting one of the following sections...

  • Web Design ( 0 Articles )

    web design

    I have built many websites for clients and personal projects. All websites are the result of meticulous and precise development and planning in terms of design, usability and functionality, ensuring that the finished website will always be of a professional standard. All of my best, and recent work, has been built while working for Red-Fern Media Solutions. This work is copyrighted to the company and therefore cannot be displayed on this website.

  • Web Development ( 2 Articles )

    web development

    Large website projects require a meticulous and precise approach in their development. Here are several projects with potential business and marketing opportunities.

  • Graphic / Print Design ( 8 Articles )

    print design

    Being a professional web designer, the majority of my design work deals with the individual components that form web pages: graphics, buttons, and icons, for example. This section, however, deals with design work mostly unrelated to web design: logos, flyers, brochures, posters, leaflets, business cards, and email banners, among others.

  • Magazines ( 5 Articles )


    All magazines have been produced as university assignments or personal projects. Honing a strong passion for design, layout, and journalism, the task of creating a magazine, single-handedly, was an enjoyable experience, hence my returning to create four more following the first.

  • Journalism ( 1 Article )


    I hold a strong passion for creative writing and journalistic work and, over the past, I have combined my writing skills with my design work. Please contact me for a quote regarding any form of journalism work.

  • Video Editing ( 1 Article )

    video editing

    Being a certified Final Cut Pro editor, you are guaranteed a video of a professional standard. My services also extend to camera operating.

  • Other Work ( 2 Articles )

    other work

    Here are some other projects and briefs I have responded to.

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